Space Planning

Space Planning’s mission is to ensure that academic space is designed to support UC Merced's academic programs, research, instruction and activities. This includes the nature of research for each school and assuring that technical needs for research are planned, designed and constructed for a specific building or laboratory.

What we do

Space Planning coordinates with campus administration and academic units to ensure UC Merced's buildings and laboratories will be immediately functional to support specific academic, support and research needs. 

Our Role

  • Partner in the design and construction of all academic buildings
  • Assist Facilities Management with the operation of the existing research laboratories
  • Review and managing the budgetary aspects of construction supporting academic buildings and laboratories
  • Assist and consult with the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor office
  • Assist and consult with the faculty and the Academic Senate
  • Assist and consult with the University’s Office of the Registrar
  • Assist and consult with the capital finance and space-planning process
  • Manage research supporting operational budget to assist research for the academic schools

Space Management Data

Facilities Link Database Login

Facilities Link is a UC Merced database that provides the campus with information and data on space assignments and usage.

Applying for Facilities Link Database Access

If your position requires access to both floorplan and occupant information, you may apply for access to Facilities Link, the database that houses UC Merced space data.   

Please be aware that access is granted sparingly due to the sensitive nature of the information in the database.  The application should include a detailed description of why access to floorplan and occupant information is critical to the tasks for which you are responsible.   After completing the application, please have your division head sign the form and submit it to for consideration.

How to Acquire Floorplan Information

If you only require floorplan information, you can acquire printouts of floorplans by emailing  This e-mail address is checked daily and you will receive a response within 24 hours.  


Space Resources Policies

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