Physical Planning Documents

Long Range Development Plans

Long Range Development Plans (LRDP) are comprehensive  land use plans used by University of California campuses to guide future physical growth.

2009 LRDP Series and Subsequent Amendments

In 2009, the Regents adopted an LRDP for the UC Merced campus.   This document was subsequently amended.   The 2017 Amendment in this series is the operational version for the campus.

2009 Long Range Development Plan (Superseded)
2013 Long Range Development Plan Amendment (Superseded)
2016 Long Range Development Plan Amendment (Superseded)
2017 Long Range Development Plan Amendment (Operational)

2002 LRDP Series

2002 Long Range Development Plan


Physical Design Framework

The Physical Design Framework is a companion document to the Long Range Development Plan. It provides guidance to design professionals on how to develop a coherent yet distinctive character for each part of our campus.

2010 Physical Design Framework (Superseded)
2015 Physical Design Framework (Operational)



Other Resources

2020 Project Campus Design Overview

Campus Design Overview for the 2020 Project 

Merced County

2004 Merced County University Community Plan

City of Merced

2030 General Plan (Link to City of Merced site)