About Us

Our Priorities:

Finance, Real Estate and Institutional Research

The Division of Planning and Budget coordinates UC Merced's planning and budgeting functions, provides enhanced analytics to support campus decision making and provides support to executive leadership regarding the strategic allocation and use of campus resources. In our day to day work, we collaborate with campus and community stakeholders to support UC Merced's teaching, research and public service mission.

Our Role

  • Provide a coordinated process for the development of campus operating and capital budgets;
  • Develop financial models and analytical support that provide information necessary for campus planning;
  • Develop and implement campus budget policy and budgetary performance measures;
  • Plan and deliver future campus facilities and manage related real estate transactions; and
  • Plan and guide physical development of a high-quality campus environment


Our Units

The Division of Planning and Budget is divided into the following units:

Finance Group 

Campus Budget Office: Manages the annual campus budget process and provides short-term and long-range planning for campus budgets.
Capital Finance: Coordinates strategic and long-range planning efforts during the earliest phases of program and project development for UC Merced's capital improvement program.

Institutional Research and Decision Support

 Institutional Research and Decision Support: Provides ongoing support for campus planning and decision-making to help advance UC Merced's educational mission.


Real Estate Services Group

Physical and Environmental Planning:  Prepares and implements land use plans for the physical framework of the campus and directs the environmental permitting activities including coordinating CEQA review and compliance for all campus projects.

Academic Facilities Planning: collaborates with the campus academic community and translates technical details for campus planners and designers.