The Division of Planning and Budget is organized to support institutional decision making, improve campus financial planning processes and strategically manage the allocation of campus resources.

Organization Chart

Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Office of the Vice Chancellor provides leadership support for campus planning and decision making to help advance UC Merced's educational mission and effectiveness. 


Finance Group

Capital Finance

Capital Finance is responsible for the development of capital improvement projects and the campus Capital Financial Plan.  This is achieved in a collaborative manner with campus stakeholders and the UC Office of the President.


Campus Budget Office

The Budget Office  guides the effective deployment of resources and promotes sound resource management in the strategic support of the university’s teaching, research and public service mission.


Institutional Research and Decision Support

Institutional Research and Decision Support provides ongoing support for campus planning and decision-making to help advance UC Merced's educational mission and effectiveness. 


Real Estate Services Group

Academic Facilities Planning

Academic Facilities Planning works to ensure that academic space is designed appropriately to support UC Merced's programs, activities, research and instruction. 

Physical and Environmental Planning

Physical and Environmental Planning prepares and implements land use plans that support the University’s values regarding architectural character, aesthetics, symbolic image and the physical environment of the campus.