Messages from the Vice Chancellor 

2020 Project Project Management Team Established (March 2016)

Budget Advisory Process (February 2014)
UC Merced has launched a process includes long-term financial planning, a revised charge for the Budget Advisory Committee and the establishment of a new Subcommittee on Capital Budget

Organizational Update (December 2013)
Over the past year, we have focused on developing the foundation for our division to provide enhanced analytics to support institutional decision making, greater coordination between planning and budgeting functions, and transparent and strategic resource-allocation processes.

Update on 2020 Project  (August 2013)
Through the first portion of 2013, we have laid the groundwork to move forward with the development of the 2020 Project and other near-term campus development needs.

Press Releases

Campus begins new year with ambitious expansion plans  (1/27/2014)
UC Merced receives Six Statements of Qualifications for 2020 Project (8/1/2014)